How to Measure Digital Marketing Effectiveness?

The effectiveness of each promotional activity by a business enterprise is checked and measured every now and then. Why this is done is to make improvements at the point at which default is caused. Digital marketing is a method of marketing which have various measures to know the effectiveness. It is to be noted that thirty nine per cent of the total companies in the world opinion that their strategies used for marketing are effective. This per cent is very low and the reason behind this is that rest of the enterprises do not checks the effectiveness of their strategies. The regular measuring can only prompt you to bring necessary changes to increase profitability.
In fact there are many ways by which the effectiveness can be checked. Some of those methods are briefly explained here.

1. Traffic metrics is the first method for measurement. In this the visits to the total sites is measured regularly. The number should not fall down with the growth of time. Through this how the sites work can be analysed precisely since it is an empirical study. The traffic by channels is the other method to get the underperforming ones. This can be again classified into four, namely social media, direct visitors, search and referrals.
2. The interaction of the customer with the webpage means a lot to the marketer. The time a consumer spent on website, the links used and the activities done in the website can be recorder and analysed for getting the consumer behaviour and interests. A critical analysis is needed for this since there is a chance for confusions between interactions and conversations. The purpose of the method is to understand what make the customer to stay in the website more.
The conversion metrics can give the report on another section which is also substantial.

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