Internship Explained in Simple Language

It is a method which students, who are freshly graduated, use to gain the working experience from an organization. It is of 2 types paid and unpaid, but paid interns tend to make their CV much heavier than unpaid ones. Students gain industrial exposure related to their field of study.

Human Resource is a field where the professionals have the specialization in managing other employees of the company or firm. The companies tend to have the HR department which manages and helps in developing all the employees from their appointment to the day when an individual retires. It also supervises all the activities surrounding the human capital for an organization. Their work includes recruitment, appointment, training, promotion, benefits and allowances, labor relations.

Responsibilities during Internship

Responsibilities for an intern includes following the work performed by different employees of the department, maintaining the record of employees of different departments. They generally work directly under manager, and their work includes job posting, reviewing resumes of the applicants, managing the candidates, helping in interview conduction, and salary negotiation. They gain experience of all this to boost up their resumes. They may get promoted to become a full-time HR representative of an entry-level position. They help in discussing human resources internships issues, if necessary refer the issues to senior HR staff, interviewing candidates and helping in negotiating offers. They most track hiring goals and try to meet them, document preparation for the incoming candidates, posting the job with its requirements on different websites and to different consultancies.

The impression of having a reputed employer on the CV is huge, although it is only for the internship. It definitely proves a point. Mostly the positions of an intern in HR are for full-time students. It requires many of the requirements and abilities that permanent employees, one of such are confidentiality of data regarding employees. The intern should act as professional in dealing with all the matters of the company and while dealing with seniors or other employees putting all the knowledge that one has acquired in college to best use in real life. The intern should be creative enough and be ever ready to work on issues regarding workplace analytics, allowances related issues, etc., dealing them efficiently, putting one’s problem-solving skills to good use. It is very important for an intern to perform all of its assigned tasks with complete dedication and try to make a good impression on the concerned authorities because it may help to get a full-time job in the company. Authorities notice everything although one may think that all the work is going unnoticed, but everyone is being noticed and duly appreciated.

Final word

The position of an intern is very important in one’s career; a good internship can lead one to the dream job, in a reputed company. A Human Resource intern has to work deals in posting of jobs, candidates management, employees data management, settling of an employee dispute. The intern would be working under the manager and has a very good opportunity a lot of new things.

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