A Guide To E-Liquid Pairings

In the same way that a fine glass of wine pairs perfectly with cheese, or how strawberries and chocolate are the perfect mix, vapers have discovered that different e-liquid flavours pair perfectly with different foods and beverages. Many people have found that pairings can enhance flavours or enjoyment of different foods and drinks, some combinations are a match made in heaven – like milk and cookies! As vaping continues to grow in popularity, new e-liquid flavours in Australia are developed all the time and vapers continue to discover new and exciting combinations.

Vaping is amazing for the senses, combining incredible tastes, smells, visuals and a pleasant, tingly throat hit. A lot of people have found that this elevates their favouritefood and drinks. The possibilities and pairings are endless, with an almost infinite number of combinations that can be created with pairing up different e-liquid flavours and foods.

If you want to try out pairing up great food with fun flavours, then read on below for our top picks of the best flavour combinations.

Food pairings

Pairing your e-liquid flavours up with food is a great way to make the most out of your dining experience, whilst most cafes and restaurant won’t be too impressed with you using your e-cigarette on the premises; there are some fun pairings you can try at home.

Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese is a classic pairing. You can buy e-liquids in a lot of wine related flavours like merlot, or champagne and they pair excellently with everything from creamy brie and sharp cheddar – and there’s no potential for a hangover the next day!

Fruit flavours and meat

Fruity flavours can pair surprisingly well with steak, chicken and pork. Rich blackberries or berry flavours can pair well with rich red meats, or if you like a tangier flavour then try pairing it with an orange. Chicken dishes pair very well with tropical fruity flavours, try pineapple, mango, banana, coconut or other exotic flavours. If it would mix well on top of chicken then it will taste delicious with a chicken dish and offer further complexity to an already enjoyable chicken dish.

If you like seafood then coconut flavours and other tropical fruits also pair very well. Scallops, prawns and fish all taste great with cocnut and mango. If you’re eating smoked fish, or briny flavours then try some surprising matches, like lemon and pear, which can balance out heavier flavours.

Fruit flavours and salad

fruit salad

You might have tried adding fruits to your salads before, pears, oranges, apples, strawberries and apricots are all popular additions to salads. Waldorf salads are a very popular salad for instance that you’ll often see on restaurant menu’s so it’s no surprise that fruits mix well with a lot of salads.

Next time you prepare a salad at home, try enjoying it with a fruit e-liquid flavour like grape, apple, apricot or plum, pear, strawberry or even mixed fruits!

Coffee flavours with your breakfast food

A lot of people love to enjoy a coffee with their breakfast. Whether its bacon and eggs, with a steaming cup of coffee, pancakes and a cup of joe, croissants and espresso or a nice mocha with some yoghurt, with e-liquids you can enjoy the same flavour combinations. There are a lot of e-liquid coffee flavours out there, as well as scrumptious breakfast places, this is a great way to cut down on the breakfast calories.

These are just a few fun flavour pairing ideas, there’s a lot of other fun flavour combinations you could try out to get the most out of your e-liquids.

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