What Do Demolition Services in Sydney Provide?

In some instances, renovating an existing property can cost more than building a brand new one, making Sydney waste services and demolition experts provide a useful option for homeowners.

Licensed contractors are skilled in engineering, razing and adhering to strict safety codes. They can prepare properties for development projects, strip out rooms to make way for renovations, and much more.

This article outlines what Sydney waste services and demolition experts can provide, besides destroying entire buildings!

Strip outs and interior work

These are generally considered small-scale razing jobs, however they remain high-risk activities. Strip outs are a great way to remove unwanted walls and fittings to make room for new renovations or prepare a property for selling. They allow you to drastically change the layout of a room, turning a kitchen into a lounge room or a bathroom into a bedroom, for instance. Examples of things they can strip out include:

  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Carpet
  • Tiles
  • Entire room fittings (e.g. bathrooms and laundries).

Rubbish management and removal


While waste and demolition services in Sydney will always clean up after their razing work is done, it is a lesser known fact that most companies also offer general waste management. Whether you need to get rid of a large amount of unwanted residential goods, green waste or commercial waste, they can help. They should also ensure that all building materials are recycled or reused wherever possible. Examples of materials they often recycle include:

  • Brick
  • Gyprock
  • Concrete
  • Timber.

Soil cleaning

If your property contains contaminated soil, demolition services in Sydney can treat it using high-quality techniques and premium technology. This helps ensure that your soil meets EPA requirements and is suitable for future use. Professional contractors offer assessment, management and remediation alongside soil cleaning.

Bulk earthworks

This involves moving large amounts of soil and/or rock from one area to another to create a suitable ground for future construction projects. This may be done by cutting into the ground and/or creating a new area. This work is often done when building roads, schools and apartment blocks. It often involves a lot of machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, rollers and dump trucks.

Elevator removal

Does your property contain a lift that is over 30 years old? If so, it might be time to replace it. Keeping your elevators in good condition is important for the proper functioning and safety of buildings. Demolition services in Sydney can remove parts of, or entire lifts. They will ensure to oversee the whole project and make sure the work is done properly.

Asbestos removal

Australia has a very high rate of asbestos-related injuries and deaths, making it essential to detect and safely remove asbestos from buildings wherever possible. Most buildings made before 1989 will contain asbestos. Demolition services in Sydney can remove this hazardous product swiftly and effectively using the appropriate procedures. Never try to remove asbestos yourself as it comes with health risks.

Emergency assistance

They can also assist you in the event of an emergency such as a flood, storm, fire or robbery. This helps to prevent any further damage from occurring to your property and saves you money on extra repairs. Some things they can assist with include:

  • Emergency plumbing work
  • Emergency electrical work
  • Repair windows, doors and locks
  • Tree felling
  • Temporary fencing.

So there you have it – demolition services in Sydney cover a lot more than simply razing! Whether you need help repairing a broken window or removing an entire elevator, they are ready to assist you. Make sure you opt for a company with experience and the appropriate licences.

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