How To Feel When Someone Asks You To Buy Bongs In Australia For Them


As time goes on, things change and topics that people were once sure about, they will then go on to feel a little confused about. For example, most people would agree that using any type of drug is bad because there can be negative side-effects. But when people look at this topic more closely, it isn’t as black and white as they once thought it was.

For example, it is completely legal and socially acceptable for people to drink alcohol and yet there are tons of alcohol related crimes committed each year and many people can end up experiencing addiction issues when it comes to drinking. Another example of this is how so many people out there are completely addicted to coffee.

Caffeine is classified as a drug as it stimulates the nervous system and yet this is something that most people don’t even think about. As this is the case, when it comes to the topic of tobacco and cannabis, people shouldn’t be so quick to judge and they should do their own research so that they can come up with their own conclusion. This way they will know how to feel when someone asks them to buy bongs in Australia for them. 

When someone asks you buy bongs in Australia for them it is likely that they are opening up to you


It can sometimes be a bit of a shock to the system when a person has a loved one ask them to buy bongs in Australia for them. There can be all sorts of reasons for this such as they might have a birthday coming up soon and they are needing to replace their old one. Others may not feel comfortable purchasing something like this themselves and will want someone with more confidence to do it for them. Whatever the scenario may be, sometimes a person’s first reaction can be to respond with anger especially because they assume that the person is going to be smoking cannabis.

While this may be the case, it is important that people understand that this is also a tool that people use in order to smoke tobacco which has been done for thousands of years due to the nicotine that is naturally found in the plant. It is also important to know that cannabis is also just a plant and that there are many different healing properties which people are able to enjoy. For example, many will feel that they are able to aid their mental health issues with this plant.

When someone asks you buy bongs in Australia for them it may be best to simply point them in the direction of an online store

While some people are opening up to the healing plant that is cannabis, this doesn’t mean that they want any part of it. Many will have their own issues from the past in regards to the plant or may have had those close to them have issues with it. It is perfectly okay to not want anything to do with this substance and it all really comes down to personal choice.

When this is the case and it makes people feel a touch uncomfortable, it can be a great move to simply point someone in the right direction when they ask you to bong bongs in Australia for them. There are plenty of online options so even if they are shy, they don’t have to go into a physical store and don’t have to worry about feeling judged at all.

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