Should You Rely On Outsourcing With SEO Campaigns?


Outsourcing SEO services in Sydney is a popular option for businesses that appreciate the need to influence their search engine ranking.

Organic search results tick all of the relevant boxes that a company needs to achieve in 2018, particularly when it comes to creating trust with the consumer base.

Despite the influence this digital practice has, can you genuinely rely on an outsourced provider for all of your SEO matters now and into the future?

This is the great debate that managers and executives are having amongst themselves, torn between the need to keep their operating model in-house against a desire to drive performance and improve visibility.

Let us expand this discussion topic further on outsourced SEO opportunities.


Outsourcing SEO services in Sydney should not be viewed as a one-off side project that starts and ends in a minimized timeframe. This is a long-term investment that requires months and years of groundwork before regular content updating takes place. If that is the accepted norm by the hierarchy of a company, then the budget will be viewed through that prism. An outsourced SEO party will charge anything between $200 per month to $2000 or beyond depending on your objectives and reach, so calculate what you require over a span of years and judge accordingly.

Long-Term Knowledge Base

Depending on the nature of the professional relationship between the outsourced SEO consultants and the client, there can be a void of education that the company cannot gain. When seeking outside help, there is a distance between the process of the project and those who are attempting to benefit from it. Before any SEO project begins, it is highly recommended that the professional offers a comprehensive analysis through the form of a report, not only on the final results but the techniques utilised.

Understanding of Brand and Consumer Profiles

If you believe that outsourcing SEO services in Sydney is the best means of improving your standing, then it is valuable to take into account the downside of this option. Those who are introduced from outside of the brand will be unaware of the unique qualities that makes up the organisation, with the values, consumer behaviours and enterprise objectives needing to be communicated to a third party. Is that a risk worth taking when calculating the return on investment (ROI)?

Companies and Agencies vs. Freelancers and Contractors

Our final talking point when looking at outsourcing SEO services in Sydney is the fact that outsourced parties are varied and unique depending on where you source the service. Much like other operators in different departments, there will be big business players who promote themselves to clients as well as more humble operations run by individual freelancers and contractors.

When it is the case of the former, there are stricter guidelines and protocols involved with the commercial partnership, but this is an option that should give greater resources and expertise working through a certified company. In matters of the latter, the client is able to dictate terms with greater authority and to introduce and disperse contractors as they please. However, because this is the option taken for small enterprises and start-ups, there is a lack of resources invested in the project which can lead to a drop in quality.

To gauge the validity of this practice, it is important to take note of the best performers in this field. Whether they be major global conglomerates or local entities working on a budget, outsourcing SEO at an initial phase helps businesses to gain knowledge and momentum.

This can continue for an extensive period in certain cases, yet that expertise ideally should transition to become a valuable company asset. SEO is no longer a vanity project or a luxurious additional extra for managers, but an important driving influencer to secure more consumers. Eventually this should be run internally without the need to outsource.

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