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Today, businesses are opting for SEO optimisation services. This is because searches for almost everything are now online. Just to begin with we completely understand this change! Correspondingly we also understand that there are almost 200 ranking factors that are needed if you wish to be number 1.  Therefore our aim is to try to help you get where you need to be in your business.


ONSITE SEO: Is Were er Look at your URL’s, Titles, & Content in relation to what you want to Rank For & Keep within Googles Webmasters Guidlines to Have Your Website Reading Correctly by the Gogle Bots & Spiders as they are Called.

OFFSITE SEO; Is Where we build a SEarch Engine Friendly network Such as A Social Media Network & Things Such As Facebook Business Pages, Enter You In Google PLaces and Build Citations in Directories & Get Some Relevant Backlinks & Social Bookmarking for your site: We Specialise In Making Professional Business Videos & Video Editing to market your Website using Explainer Videos combined with Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro to Make your Business Shine. Videos get the most attention and are loved on the Social Media & Google Networks.

What We Offer

In the first instance our team will do our best to deliver exceptional SEO optimisation solutions at the best price! Yes! Our pricing is designed to suit your budget and preferences! Contact Us Today or Call 0420 703 073 whether you are small business or a giant corporate house. We can offer you a full range of rank boosting services. Together by listening to you & the combination of our skills we can analyse the situation thoroughly. In the same fashion we will advise you of where you stand. We can then then do the work to get the best ranking results.

The Difference With Our SEO Service

  • Firstly we are Australian Based and you can call for a free Consultation.
  • Secondly we analyse your competitor’s strategies and campaigns to help you improve your own.
  • Thirdly you will receive a Free Report of what needs to be done and then an action plan to suit your budget.
  • From there our SEO experts will focus on which ranking factors are a priority to drive high-quality traffic to your website.
  • Our team emphasises on optimising your content and making it rich through appropriate use of keywords which is equally important.
  • We’ll then apply both onsite and offsite marketing strategies to attain higher search engine rankings by implementing the right tools and techniques for your needs and budget.
  • Additionally our SEO pricing is highly affordable and cost-effective.

Contact us today to learn more about our Search Engine Optimisation services and solutions on 0420703073

Why Us for Search Engine Optimisation?

We help you boost you online reputation by analysing your competitor’s onsite & offsite strategies.

Together with this we will provide you with a free report.

This report will show us together what is needed to rank your business on the top of the search engines. Not only does DDM offer organic search management, but also Search Engine places help. Additionally other SEO services include such ranking factors as Ad-words or even Facebook Marketing. Furthermore we will explain to you the Ranking Factors that are specific to you. Again this will help you to move up and compete in rankings. Together with this analysis and plan of action the search engines will begin to move you into a competitive position.

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Our New Website for Early childhood educators Musical Child has been built using the DIVI Layout for Music Lessons for Toddlers & with an Online Store hosting a large amount of Preschool Music Lesson Plans for Kids